How to draw a Frog

cartoon drawing frog tutorial

Today, I will show you how I typically draw frogs. This post will show the six steps I use to draw a simple front-facing frog with no legs. I encourage you to practice these steps and add your own style to it. Eventually, you may be able to draw more complicated frogs.


Two black dots

Step 1- Draw two dots for the eyes.

I always draw the eyes first because this helps me with the placement of everything else. If I wait to draw the eyes, I often find that the frog's face looks cramped.

Two black dots under upside down U shapes

Step 2- Draw two upside down U's over the eyes.

These are the bumps on the frog's face where the eyes go. In real life, frogs eyes are large and the skin around them is just the eyelid. However, when I've tried drawing large eyes, it often looks odd to me. You are welcome to try drawing more realistic eyes, though.

A line connecting two bumps with dots under the bumps

Step 3- Draw a line connecting the two eye bumps.

This forms the top of the frog's head. I usually give this line a slight curve.

An incomplete frog head shape with two dots for the eyes

Step 4- Draw two lines on the left and right sides of the top of the frog head.

This forms the rest of the frog's head. If you choose not to add legs, this also forms the frog's body. I do not add legs here to keep this tutorial simple.

An incomplete frog head shape with two dots for eyes, two dots for the nose, and a U shape for the mouth

Step 5- Draw the rest of the frog's face.

Here I use two dots for the nose and a U shape for the mouth. This is usually when I decide if I want to add legs or any accessories to the frog.

Completed frog drawing

Step 6- Connect the two sides of the frog with a line.

This forms the bottom of the frog. If adding legs, I will usually draw the legs first and then add the bottom.

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